Las Vegas escorts have a deep, rich history and are an important part of your Vegas vacation. Escorts in Las Vegas have been offering companionship and entertainment services to hard working gentlemen for decades. When the Hoover Dam was being built there were troops of girls who followed the workers. These were the first Las Vegas escorts. Then when the first of the Mega-Resorts opened on the famous Las Vegas "Strip", Bugsy Siegel saw to it that there were plenty of hostesses in skimpy outfits ready to greet the arriving VIP's. These hostesses would soon become Las Vegas escorts we all know, and see advertised most recently. The times and girls have changed, but the object of the business is just the same as ever. Offer the best companionship and adult entertainment services possible to the hard working men of our great country. Candy Apple Girls Escort Agency still follows these historical traditions today.

Las Vegas escorts should be an entire fantasy experience. So we are all about tradition, history, and value for you, our client. We want you to feel the old west in your performance. You should be able to imagine the red velvet wallpaper. And you should vividly imagine the sexy garters and fishnet stockings rolling down the beautiful soft leg of your private Las Vegas escort. This is old wild west entertainment at it's finest. Coming straight from a time when there were no rules and raw gritty adult play was for real. More about Las Vegas escorts.

Candy Apple Girls Escorts.

Las Vegas escorts are totally at your service anytime night or day. Your Vegas escort will offer a variety of great services. Here are just a few examples of the routines and escort services you have to choose from. These are just a handful of suggestions There are simply too many Las Vegas escort services to list on just one page.

Fabulous Las Vegas Escorts

Darcy is a redhead hometown UNLV girl who majors in making Las Vegas escorts the the phrase that changes your perspective.

Darcy will charm the pants right off you. Wanna see? Call Darcy when you are feeling lonely. Darcy redhead escort girl.
Las Vegas Escort Darcy

Meet Lena, who happens to be the hottest escort date for both couples and singles in Las Vegas. Need a quick girlfriend? Call Lena.

Lena is a beautiful, all natural petite blonde. Want a girlfriend just for the evening? Thought so. Lena blonde escort babe.
Las Vegas Escort Lena

To see Jenna in person is like watching a celebrity enter the room. Now Jenna can be your date and private escort for the evening.

Jenna is a gorgeous, brunette sweetheart. Offering hardcore Las Vegas escort excitement now. Jenna brunette escort.
Las Vegas Escort Jenna

Professional Las Vegas escort entertainers come straight to you. Get the most for your time and money without having to leave your hotel room.

We send the girl, or girls of your choice straight to your Las Vegas hotel suite. Within 30 minutes you will have your own private Vegas strip club. Pre booked dancer reservations will always arrive exactly when and where you say.

Pre booking is recommended to guarantee a specific girl is ready at a certain date & time. Call 702.589.8493 for reservations.

Email for escorts.Candy Apple Girls escorts on Twitter.

Hire Las Vegas escorts from Candy Apple Girls. The most fun you can have in Las Vegas.

Female Las Vegas

Providing Fine Escort Services To All Las Vegas Casinos. We cover a wide area including Downtown Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Henderson. Far out areas may require just a little more than 30 minutes, but we will be there fast as possible! Candy Apple Girls will send the best escorts to you no matter where you are staying.

We offer instant escort service to all Las Vegas Strip casinos. North Las Vegas to South Strip. Summerlin to Henderson. And all points of interest in between.These services will be provided for entertainment purposes only. We neither condone nor provide illegal services.

Candy Apple Entertainment Hopes To See You Soon & Often. We build our business, and reputation from return clients. That being said, we surely hope to have provided you the world class entertainment that brings you back to us soon. And we hope you will tell your friends that you were properly satisfied with our Las Vegas escort services.

Hopefully you had a chance to get to know some of our girls while you were in Las Vegas. If you did, then we know you had a good time. Good for you! This is why Vegas was built in the first place. So that a hard working man could step away and live. Hope to see you again soon.

Will you send Las Vegas escorts to blow me away any time of the night or day? Will they guarantee me an explosive private performance?

Yes, and yes again. Anytime of day, 24/7, you have access to an entire company of beautiful female Las Vegas escorts. And they will absolutely blow you away. Vegas is a 24 hour city and we need to be ready to accommodate 24 hour business. So when the mood strikes you. When you are done at your business meeting. Or when you need a break from the tables for a couple of relaxing hours. We will send over just the right female, or females, to help get your mind off the serious stuff. You will have the perfect adult playmate at your disposal. Oh, and did we tell you she will be more than happy to blow you away? Yes, her performance will in fact be so intense and dynamic that you will feel like an eruption is about to happen at any moment! And that is just the warm ups! When your newly found girlfriend and private entertainer really gets going you won't be able to hold back. Now you know you are being fully entertained in the greatest adult playground in the world.

How do you measure the quality of your agency against others in Las Vegas offering escorts and strippers for private parties?

We never "measure" ourselves against anyone actually. When we started this office our idea was to simply provide better services faster than any other agency. And because we consistently stick to our business plan, our company has taken off and thrived. So we have never taken a look back at any of the competition. Being the local leader of an industry affords us the luxury of never having to keep up with anyone.

But as far as the quality of girls, intensity of performance, and ease of ordering, there is no one better. We have devised a perfect system where you choose an incredibly hot lady, call for an appointment, and enjoy the entertainment without any drama or difficulty what-so-ever. You are 100% guaranteed to love everything we do for you. And we back up this guarantee with an absolute no obligation meeting. This is where we send the dancer that you are attracted to over to your hotel room. Now you get a chance to see, and communicate face to face with this lovely lady. If you decide after a brief meeting that you would prefer another hot babe then no problem. Simply tell the first girl that it was lovely, but no thank you. And she will quietly walk away with no questions asked. Then inform us that you want to see another entertainer and we will provide an alternate at your door within minutes.

So, as far as measuring ourselves against the competition, we'll leave that up to you. If you like, let us know what you think. We’ll be glad to post your review and let everyone know. Leave your review here.

What do your entertainers do better than the other escorts in Las Vegas? What special talents do they bring?

Well let's see, they can: Greet you, dress for you, entertain you, accompany you, comfort you, intrigue you, mystify you, energize you, relax you, play with you, appreciate you, laugh for you, look at you, undress for you, shower for you, grind for you, pamper you, dominate you, strut in public for you, strip for you, and do about 500 other things better than any other girls at any other company in Las Vegas. We say this because the other agencies only employ the dancers that we pass on. So they are 100% staffed by female entertainers who were not quite good enough to meet our highest of high standards. Every dancer works on every routine like a fine artist.

With our girls it is a real performance that requires rehearsals and enhancements to stay current, professional, and creative. So short story long, our dancers work out like professional athletes Our phone operators have more than 150 years experience combined. And our management is a combined effort of all employees and owners. Working together to solve every problem and offer unique ideas to better serve our clients.

So you can say that our escorts do everything better simply because we have the happiest employees. We sound bold and confident about this because we can. Our long hours of hard work have shown us to be the undeniable best. And that title does come with the honor of certain bragging rights.

How do I set up an appointment with the Las Vegas escort that strikes me as most suitable?

Making your reservation, or last minute appointment with our girls could not be easier. The entire process takes no more than 5 minutes. As quickly as you can pick the services, and women you want to perform those services, we are ready to rock and roll with your order. As far as selecting an entertainer, or a group of strippers to fill the needs of your party, that is your only duty. But select carefully. Take a good look at the pictures and bios. We want to get your party started right the first time.

It's like being a kid in a candy store fore sure. And sometimes choosing can be difficult. When you see blonde babes so unbelievably gorgeous they look like models, your head will spin so that you want to meet them all. And most of these girls have been, or are currently models so there you go. There are some of the classiest and most intriguing brunette beauties featured in this web site. Enough so that picking just one will be like eating just one potato chip. It almost can't be done. Then there are the exotic chicks. We 100% guarantee you have never seen Asian and Islander beauties like this in your life! These are the women that can cause traffic accidents by wearing a bikini. Just imagine what they look like when you do a tan line search. But again, choosing any one of these exotic darlings will be a daunting task. And browsing the redheads you will see some of the finest, and most fiery females to post an image on this site. Now we are not for sure which are natural redheads and which are not, that's part of the fun of your entertainment. You will, in fact, get to find out up close and in person. Unless she happens to be smooth and clean shaven, then it may require closer investigation.

With all the choices and all the different personalities, you may find it too hard to select. If this becomes the situation, then simply tell our phone hostess exactly what your occasion and precisely what type of adult entertainer you like most. We will be happy to match our escorts with your party needs. Our phone girls have been doing this for many years and almost always get it just right.

Of all the escorts Las Vegas has to offer, and all the strip clubs in town, what is the difference? Why would I choose one form of adult entertainment delivery over the other?

There are many reasons you would want your private show delivered to you. For one thing there are the expenses involved in a strip club. In Las Vegas a gentleman’s club will charge anywhere from $25 to $50 for admission to the club. Then you will pay a hefty price for drinks. Lap dances will cost anywhere from $20 to $150 per song, depending on the club and the dancer. And the VIP room will cost even more. So before you are even fully appreciating the bevy of nude women dancing their little hearts out, you have already spent $400 or $500. And lastly there are the club rules that you must follow. And of these rules, the no touching policy is the one that you will be most interested in. See, in Las Vegas there is a no touching the customer law in place. Not that everyone follows this rule, but if you are indeed caught then there is an uncomfortable exchange where you are admonished for being a rule breaker. And when you are getting a lap dance, the last thing you need is someone watching so closely that they ruin the fun you are there to have.

Whereas, if you have an escort service, like this one, arrange to have the girls sent over to your room, then the strip club rules, expenses, and watchful eyes all disappear in an instant Not to mention the cost. You will pay one flat rate to have an entertainer come to your hotel. Granted, you are able to tip your dancer if you like, but the expense of the show is paid up front. So when your show starts there is nothing to interrupt until you are done. So there is no "per dance" charge for lap dances. You are invited to enjoy as many as you like.

And drinks pour freely at a much lesser cost as well. Because you are able to purchase your cocktail ingredients before your party, you will be mixing your own. And we all know what a money saver that is! Not to mention all the tips you are not giving a bartender to pay attention to you can now go to an amazing lady who is standing completely nude right in front of you. Now which scenario would you prefer? And lastly the Vegas strip club rules don't apply here. Touch and be touched. You and your entertainer make the rules. As long as things stay on the good side of legal, everything should be just fine. So essentially you are opening your own strip club in Vegas. One where you are the boss. And your money will go miles further giving you the finest entertainment scene at the best rates possible. Sounds like an easy choice. Sounds like a winner!

Whenever I walk down the streets in Vegas escorts are promoted everywhere. And are usually presented as a safe alternative form of private adult entertainment. Is this true? Am I safe having girls sent to the room?

We fully understand your concerns and take this important issue with all the seriousness it requires. Normally the advertisements you see on Las Vegas Boulevard are for legal, licensed companies. But there are some advertisements that are posted by unlicensed, independent girls who only pretend to work for an established local office. These girls can attract dangerous situations and should be avoided at all times. These are normally the ads you see in local newspapers on the back page And when you contact these fake companies you can tell right away that they are not quite sure about the questions you will ask.

One sure way you can tell if you have called a legitimate company or not is if they ask you for room verification information. You see, any reputable outcall agency in Las Vegas will get your name and room number. Then they will ask you to hang up and wait while they call the front desk to verify you are indeed a registered guest. And then the phone hostess will get transferred directly from the hotel operator to your room. If you are the one that answers the phone then your identity and location have been verified. We do this for our entertainers' protection. If you happen to call a phony company then the will just offer to meet you or come right up to your room. They will not verify in the same manner. This will be your Que to say no thank you and hang up.

But when you call our offices, you are in an extremely safe situation. And we like to think our dancers are as well. And if there is a problem you have an entire support staff here to deal with, and resolve any and all issues. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week our staff answers the phones to offer 100% assistance. Whereas if you were to meet an entertainer who does not have a legal, licensed business back of them, then they can do anything they like to you and you have no one but the Las Vegas police to rely on. And while the LVMPD is top notch, they take very little pity on anyone who gets themselves into these types of situations.

So play it safe, call us first and avoid all the headaches. You will absolutely love what we do for you.

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