About Candy Apple Girls

Our mission is pure customer satisfaction. Nothing more is required, nothing less will do.

A Reputable Agency

We have successfully provided great service to over a quarter million satisfied customers.

Always A Step Ahead

Our super office staff will anticipate your needs. So you can relax and let us do the work.

Special Request Pros

Some clients require very specific entertainment. We bend over backwards to make it happen.

Finest Phone Support

Our phone girls are current and former escorts. So you’re always dealing with professionals.

The Story Behind Candy Apple Girls

We opened Candy Apple Girls in the year 2000. Our mission was to create an adult entertainment business that followed very simple, but very strict customer service rules. Providing a superior level of customer service for every client was the idea. And repeat the exact process each and every time for all clients. So that an A-list celebrity will have the same experience as the blue collar worker. At Candy Apple Girls we consider all customers to be A-list. So from those humble beginnings, using our assembly line methods, we have been able to grow our business by leaps and bounds. Until we finally became the #1 most reliable, and reputable escort agency in Nevada. We are super proud of our excellent standing in the Las Vegas entertainment community. Lots of great employees have helped us get here. Many mistakes were made at the start, but we learned from every one and corrected all glitches until we had a business model that was precisely what we wanted. As a result, our customers benefit from our relentless demands for perfection. Both from ourselves and our girls. Our method of choosing the right girls for the right job is an essential part of our success. Beginning with our initial screening process. We have many adult entertainers come to us from all over the world. But only a select few actually make it to our roster. The women we decide to work with must be absolutely perfect in a number of areas. We have always felt that great personality and communication skills were of utmost importance. None of us would ever want an unpleasant dancer show up at our party, and we know our clients would not tolerate this either. So when we send an escort to greet you, the experience will always be positive and uplifting. We wouldn’t want your evening to start any other way. We also like to work with uniquely beautiful women. The kind that boyhood fantasies are made of. Every other agency in town will send a cookie cutter looking stripper to entertain you. But our girls are different. Stunning can’t even come close to describing the woman that will show up at your door. We want to be sure that you are met by the type of ladies that exceed every expectation you’ve ever had. While Candy Apple Girls is not the only escort agency in Las Vegas, we are by far the best. And we are very proud of the remarkable achievements our company has made. We are fortunate to have done so well, and you are fortunate to have found us. We want our relationship with you to be long term and meaningful. Our business is not successful due to volume turn over. Our business is successful because we treat our customers right. And the result is repeat business and fantastic word of mouth referrals. We hope you will become one of our regulars. And we want to thank those of you that have already helped to make us the premiere adult entertainment service in Las Vegas.

Remarkable Women

Remarkable Women

We work with the best girls in the world.

Our business is about sending you the very best escorts to suit your entertainment needs. Thanks to the amazing girls we choose, you are guaranteed to meet the finest women in Vegas. This we promise because it’s the truth.

Super Phone Girls

Super Phone Girls

Our phone girls are sexy and exprienced.

When you phone our office you will be greeted by the loveliest and most experienced phone girls in Sin City. They are true professionals and are willing to do what it takes to get the job done right.

Loyal Repeat Customers

Loyal Repeat Customers

Clients are shown discretion and respect.

We would not have such a successful business if it were not for you, our loyal customers. Our clients have ultimately built this company. And we take this very seriously. Thanks for your trust and support.