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I want to reserve a Vegas escort for my birthday party. I am expecting around 28 guys. Can just one girl entertain a larger group? Or will it require booking multiple dancers?

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Are Las Vegas Nevada escorts anything like the standard Las Vegas strippers in the clubs? And are there times of the day when the girls are better looking? You know, like in an actual tittie bar?

Our girls are nothing like the strippers found in the local strip clubs. Matter of fact, most of the beautiful babes that come to work for us are models. And some are college students. A very small majority have been featured in strip clubs, and quite a few come to us from the porn industry. But nothing about these females, or their entertainment routines, mirrors that of any strip club anywhere. Our ladies are true performers. And some were just born with the natural talents to be a comfortable companion for the lonely Vegas visitor. All are top of the line beauties with the style and grace to be part of any social scene. And there is that group of ladies here that dress and act like complete sluts. Both in public and in private. The thing is, these girls are so intensely hot that they get away with most every indiscretion. Which could work to your advantage in a major way. Whenever you book an appointment with any of our dancers, you will be greeted by a 10+ beauty. And this is 100% guaranteed. WE know about the day shift at the strip clubs and assure you that policy lives and dies there with them. Even if you want an erotic wake up call at 5:30am, when the clock says so, you will open your eyes to an adult entertainer that looks so amazing, you will just smile and relish in the idea that you took a chance and it is about to pay off big time.